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Break Parts

  • Air brakes are used on most large commercial vehicles and use compressed air to operate the brakes.
  • A split-second delay in brake reaction is present in all air brake systems.
  • Vehicles with air brakes may use either drum or disc type components
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Clutch Parts

  • A clutch is a mechanical device that allows the output shaft to be disconnected from the rotating input shaft.
  • In a motor vehicle, the clutch acts as a mechanical linkage between the engine and transmission.
  • Another example of clutch usage is in electric drills.
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Break Liners

  • The brake linings are designed for vibration-free, safe braking, long service life and low noise levels.
  • The shoes have no fixed attachment to the torque plate, which allows the shoes to be self-centering as they wear down.
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Engine Parts

  • Truck engines are internal combustion engines that are usually diesel fueled.
  • Diesel truck engines are manufactured in two stroke or four stroke variations, much like cars or motorcycles.
  • The main difference is in the size of the engine, as a truck engine must have a larger combustion chamber to supply the power necessary to haul large loads.
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Frictional Parts

  • Friction can be defined as a force that creates resistance between the relative motions of two objects in contact.
  • ¬†Additionally, two main characteristics of friction are that it always takes place in the opposite direction of relative motion between two objects and parallel to the surface of contact.
  • Besides, the use of friction in automobiles is one of its most essential functions in our daily lives.
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  • A truck transmission takes the engine’s rotating force, navigates through a complex gear mechanism and turns the drive wheels to get tonnes of cargo moving.

Transmission Parts

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Electrical Parts

  • The electrical system is primarily composed of the starter motor, battery and alternator.
  • These three parts are responsible for starting the engine, keeping it running and powering all electrical components like the radio, lighting, windows, locks, windshield wipers, air conditioning and more.
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Rubber Parts

  • Offering wide range starting from long critical Bellows, Grommets, Bushes, Pedal Pads and many more


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